No…Never. Milwaukee Gutter Guard gutter protection systems are completely sealed. No debris of any kind can penetrate the fine mesh system. Only water can enter your gutters.

The fine mesh systems are rated by the leading Consumer Magazine at 7 ½” per hour of rainfall. This is unlike hooded systems that will often overflow in heavy rains.

Our products are made from extruded aluminum which provide un-paralleled strength. In heavy snow or ice climates, the weight of the ice/snow can cause the plastic frames to collapse inside the gutter system. Additionally, plastics and uPVC material can easily warp in high temperatures causing the screen mesh to separate from the frame.  Milwaukee Gutter Guards extruded aluminum will not warp and the rubberized adhesive that holds the screen to the frame will expand and contract with the fluctuation in temperatures.

Debris will naturally wash or blow off the gutters. In some rare instances debris can sit in areas that are protected from the weather. In those cases a simple reverse bristle brush with an extension pole will easily remove the debris. This brush is provided at no additional charge to those who need it.  We might add, however, that any debris that sits on the gutter guard will not generally impede water from entering the gutter system.

No. The fine mesh micro screens are self-cleaning when it rains and will not clog.

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Milwaukee Gutter Guards come with a Lifetime No-Clog Guarantee for a reason: we stand by the jobs we do. If you have trouble with your gutters at any point after we install your system, we’ll fix it for free. No questions, no hassles. We’re here for you even after the job is done.